Laminated Wooden Floorings

Laminate flooring is a cost effective flooring option. It is easy to install has low maintenance cost and has reasonable life. Laminate flooring is composed of three layers:Top layer is a photographic image of wood with a clear protective layer on it, an inner core made of resin and fiberboard material is what comprises of the HDF, a glue backing for ease of installation is the third layer.

It comes in both 8 mm and 12 mm thickness the size of planks is1215 mmx195 mm and 1215 mm165 mm respectively.The are several locking options available like Uniclick,C East connect ,Clic to clic and Fiboloc etc.The top surfaces can be Embossed. Texturted,Woodgrain, Hand scrapped etc. The Grooving also offers many options like Vgroove,Pressed V groove & U groove.

Laminate flooring is considered a green product because it uses recycled and waste wood scraps as the core material of its flooring planks

Woodfloor comes with UNILIN click system has ranges both in 12 mm & 8 mm

  • Laminated wooden options

WF1001 Beech WF1013 Chestnut WF1007 Walnut
WF1003 Chestnut WF1014 Natural Oak WF1016 Oak Toffee
WF1008 Wenge WF1012 Red Oak WF1012 Rustic Oak
WF1013 Parigord WF1015 Oak White    
WF1001   Beech
WF1010   American Teak
WF1007   Walnut
WF1003   Chestnut
WF1014   Natural Oak
WF1016   Oak Toffee
WF1008   Wenge
WF1012  Red Oak
WF1012   Rustic Oak
WF1013   Parigord
WF1016   Oak White
WF 1009 Applewood

WF2001 Winter berry WF2002 Pine wood WF2003 Rosemary
WF2004 Apricot WF2005 Whistling woods WF2006 Elder Berry
WF2001   Winter Berry
WF2002   Pine Wood
WF2003   Rosemary
WF2004   Apricot
WF2005   Whistling Woods
WF2006   Elder Berry

Engineered WoodenFloorings

Engineered wood floors have a top layer of real wood thinly shaved and glued onto fiberboard. It uses a similar process as laminate and veneer in that a supporting board gives the plank stability. Engineered wood flooring has a number of advantages over solid wood including lower costs due, in part, to the use of less expensive lumbers from smaller diameter trees. Wood that could not be used in solid lumber because of aesthetical defects -- holes, knots, discoloration, and cracks -- can be chipped and used in engineered wood especially for particle and fiber-based boards.

As engineered wood uses wood scraps, it is considered an environmentally-friendly product -- but only to a point.

  • Engineered wooden floorings- 13mm-18mm-15 options

Solid Wooden Floorings

Hardwood or solid wood flooring is a solid lumber that comes from trees such as ash, birch, cherry, maple, and oak. Hardwood is ideal for floors because it resists dents, scratches. Hardwood flooring are solid planks of wood which come in various lengths and widths.

The are many species of wood some commonly in the market are Oak,Maple, Walnut,Merbau, Cumaru, Ipe & Teak etc.

Anoyher form of solid wood flooring’s is bamboo flooring’s.The use of bamboo for flooring has grown greatly in the past two decades as more homeowners have been attracted to its beauty, durability, and environmentally-friendly characteristics.

Buyers of bamboo flooring can choose from a selection of colors Types of Bamboo Floori Planks come in vertical or horizontal assembly giving buyers the option of either classic exposed grain (horizontal) or a more uniform look (vertical).

  • Solid wood floorings-18mm-20 species

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